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 We come to trading to make money from home… but something usually gets in the way.

To borrow phrasing from Yogi Berra: “90% of trading is psychological… and the other half is technical.”

After a few years… we are more limited by who we are than what we know.

Personal development is the path of self-knowledge. That means bringing our unconscious attitudes, habits and beliefs into Awareness.

It also means filling in the gaps so we become more complete and balanced.

That’s what the AWARE profile can help you with.

You now have an archetypal benchmark for where you are now.

Each of the Types represents a set of skills (strengths) and weaknesses.

Our strengths arise from our Dominant Trader Type.

And our weaknesses arise from over-reliance on our Dominant Type.

Your AWARE profile can help you answer the most important question in trading.

That question isn’t: “How can I make more money?”

The better question is: What should I work on now?

Which attitudes, skills and habits am I relying on too much?

Which attitudes, skills and habits are lacking?

What do I need to become a more complete and balanced trader?

Traders need to integrate various traits from non-dominant types
in order to reach our full potential.

That’s why it’s important to familiarize yourself with all 5 Types.

Self-knowledge leads to self-mastery if the information is properly applied. To continue your work, I have a few suggestions.

First, subscribe to my video training course Mastermind Pro. 

This is a comprehensive program  that addresses Mindset and Technical issues. And it includes a 5-video series on the AWARE profile that can help you better understand each Type. There is a monthly and annual subscription option.  Watch a free 10 minute video

If your AWARE profile result intrigues you, sign up for a free 15 minute consultation and we can discuss it. I’m certain I can clarify ways to apply this information in a practical manner.

To your trading success!

Kenneth Reid, Ph.D.